Call for papers: ICVNS’2019 

The 7th International Conference on Variable Neighborhood Search

October 03-05, 2019 – Rabat (Morocco)

Scope and objectives

The 7th International Conference dedicated to Variable Neighborhood Search (ICVNS’19) will be held in Rabat (Morocco) October 3-5, 2019.

Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) is a metaheuristic based on systematic changes in the neighborhood structure within a search, for solving optimization problems and related tasks.

The main goal of the conference is to provide a stimulating environment in which researchers coming from various scientific fields can share and discuss their knowledge, expertise and ideas related to the VNS Metaheuristic and its applications. The aim of the 7th ICVNS is to allow specialists and practitioners on Variable Neighborhood Search to effectively screen papers and participate in lively debates.

Conference themes

Theory and methodology:

  • Theoretical or empirical analysis of VNS;
  • New variants of deterministic and stochastic VNS;
  • Continuous global VNS;
  • Convergent VNS methods;
  • Metheuristics and VNS;
  • Formulation space VNS;
  • Multi-objective VNS;
  • Parallel VNS;
  • VNS hybrids.


  • Mixed integer programming;
  • Graphs, communication networks;
  • Clustering, data mining, location;
  • Inventory, routing, supply chains;
  • Packing and covering;
  • Discovery sciences;
  • Other real world problems.

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